Monday, 13 May 2013

Our Top Picks: Runway Fashion Prints And Textiles Fall/Winter 2014/2015

Dolce And Gabbana - Opulence: Baroque / Byzantine Influence - Milan Fashion Week F/W 14/15
Part IV
Wovens, woollens, yarns, toile, silks, sheers, fibers, filaments, damask, and knits: which direction are they going? Fall/Winter 14/15 will be an extension of what you saw in our earlier examples of dominant textiles and prints for Spring/Summer 2014. Ushering in rich velvet, colourful furs, suede, leather and opulent brocades, from Modern Empress to vibrant Oriental Floral, traditional, custom, and cultural tales from around the world emerge in lavish upholstery, elegant swirls and Tropicana foliage for this cooler season. Inspiring compositions with folkloric appeal; needlework, hand-beaded collages, regal imprints, village scenery, mythic characters, seascapes, high gloss fabric contrast with decorative motifs; from the Balkans to South America, the evolution of mixing media to the extreme will persist.

Renaissance / Romantic - Photo Courtesy Fashion Snoops F/W 14/15

Tapestry -  Photo Courtesy: We Connect Fashion

Oriental Tropicana Photo Courtesy: Trendstop

Oriental Tropicana Photo Courtesy: Trendstop

Iridescent Silk Chiffon, Iridescent Coated Leather, Silk Moire, Stretch Satin - Photo Courtesy: Trend Council

Futurist: Minimalist details exaggerated silhouettes, Necklines are high and materials coated with metallic finishes - Photo: Fashion Snoops

Futuristic Nature Prints - Photo Courtesy:  MDP

Parallel Worlds / Galactic - Photo Courtesy: MDP

Dress by Diane Von Furstenburg F/W 14/15 - Tribal Colours & Prints Asymmetric Designs is key - Photo courtesy: MDP

Graphic Mix of Prints and Motifs of Classic Black & White Combo - Photo Courtesy: Trendstore


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